Larissa Swedell

Photo credit: Julian Saunders

Professor Department of Anthropology Queens College and The Graduate Center City University of New York


Ph.D. 2000, Columbia University




Tel: (718) 997-2897

Fax: (718) 997-2885

Overview of Research


My primary interests center on the interacting social and reproductive strategies of males and females in complex social systems.  Most of my research to date has focused on the social behavior and ecology of baboons, including hamadryas baboons in Ethiopia (where NYCEP student Amy Schreier’s PhD work was based) and more recently chacma baboons of the Western Cape Peninsula of South Africa (where NYCEP student Shahrina Chowdhury just completed her PhD fieldwork).  I am currently focusing most of my conservation efforts on Imfene Education and Conservation, an African public outreach and conservation education website that I co-founded and operate with Julian Saunders.

I am currently seeking Ph.D. students to take on the following projects at Filoha: (1) a detailed study of female sociality and bonding patterns in hamadryas baboons, and (2) a study of the nutritional ecology of hamadryas baboons (see Filoha field site page for more details).


(For downloadable pdfs, go to:

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