For Applicants

Evolutionary primatology is a discipline that draws its theory, methods, and empirical data from many areas within the biological sciences, anthropology, and geology. Students in this program take courses in all of these areas in the four doctoral programs, attend seminars that draw upon the staff of all cooperating institutions, and have the opportunity to engage in original research in laboratories, museums, and in the field.

Who should apply

NYCEP is an NSF-supported doctoral training program that equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career at the cutting-edge of fields related to evolutionary primatology. Students with undergraduate degrees in physical anthropology or biology are typically best-prepared for graduate studies in our institutions; those with degrees in earth sciences or psychology may also have suitable preparation. Competitive funding packages are available for admitted students.

How to apply

NYCEP is an umbrella structure that unifies the faculty and students across the participating institutions. All graduate students in physical anthropology at CUNY and NYU participate in NYCEP as well as selected students from the AMNH Richard Gilder Graduate School and Columbia University's graduate program in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology.

Program overview

Each university doctoral program has specific requirements, but all NYCEP students follow a broadly similar training path irrespective of their university affiliation.